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Kaizen Pet Training & Behavior
Janet Velenovsky

Control is a primary reinforcer.


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Specializing in improving
the human-animal bond

My goal is to help you develop the companion you have always wanted.

   "I employ only pet-friendly methods, using scientifically-established learning & behavior processes to reach goals set by my clients. By employing reward-based training, the experience is positive for both pets and owners."

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January 2014 - Janet will be teaching a tricks class and several Nosework classes at Siriusly Canine in the Bon Air area of Richmond, VA. Siriusly Canine is a class act, with small class size and pleasant facilities.

For questions or registration, please contact Deborah at Siriusly Canine, (804) 539-2362 OR deborah@siriuslycanine.com.

Kaizen means "continuous improvement" in Japanese. Janet named her first Golden Retriever for this positive philosophy; both of them changed her life.

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